The Facial Pain Research Foundation (FPRF) was established in 2011 with one singular mission: find a CURE for trigeminal neuralgia and related neuropathic facial pain, while also developing therapies to permanently stop other nerve-generated facial pains and diseases. We endeavored to be an all-volunteer organization, allowing us to avoid the bureaucracy that often plagues similar organizations, giving us the ability to approve and accelerate research quickly, and ensuring that 95¢ of every dollar pledged to us goes directly to our research. And in adhering to that mandate, the results have been nothing short of amazing.



The Foundation has created the first international force of scientists working together across a wide range of specialties to find a cure in research hubs across multiple US cities and four countries. Each project is under the direction of one or more scientists affiliated with a major university research center, and the foundation holds bi-annual meetings of its researchers on all its projects to create collaboration, accelerate the pace of research, and spur innovation through relationship-building and knowledge-sharing. We provide seed money for their novel research, encourage further funding through outside sources, and provide continued support through additional funds and collaboration of resources from other scientists.



We are a 501(c)3 organization, and the ONLY group in the world dedicated solely to ENDING THE PAIN!



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